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Are you shivering?


Fimbulvetr is an atmospheric music club based in Edinburgh, playing dark/black ambient, industrial, noise, neo-folk, neo-classical, post-rock, extreme/ambient doom and related genres.

This is an journal for information purposes - we have a forum, where you are encouraged to discuss the club!
:zoviet*france:, a silver mt. zion, abfahrt hinwil, ain soph, alio die, allerseelen, amber asylum, angels of light, apocalyptic folk, apparat, arcana, ataraxia, backworld, bad sector, biosphere, black forest/black sea, black wave project, blood axis, boards of canada, bola, boyd rice, chaos as shelter, coil, cold meat industries, cold meat industry, cold spring, controlled bleeding, coph nia, current 93, dark ambient, darkwood, dead can dance, dead voices on air, death in june, der blutharsch, dernière volonté, desiderii marginis, deutsch nepal, diamanda galas, download, drone, edinburgh, einstürzende neubauten, elph, endvra, espers, ethereal music, experimental music, faith and the muse, fire + ice, folkstorm, foresta di ferro, forseti, fridge, gae bolg, gridlock, hafler trio, hagalaz runedance, hekate, herbst9, herr, in gowan ring, in slaughter natives, in the nursery, inade, industrial, jarboe, joy division, kirlian camera, laibach, legendary pink dots, low, lustmord, lvthn, maeror tri, michael gira, monkeyhouse recordings, muslimgauze, my kappa roots, múm, naevus, nature and organisation, neo-folk, neofolk, noise, non, novy svet, nurse with wound, oil 10, ordo equilibrio, ordo rosarius equilibrio, ostara, pan sonic, post-rock, predella avant, predominance, psychic tv, raison d'etre, rapoon, robert rich, romowe rikoito, rose mcdowall, schloss tegal, scorn, scotland, sephiroth, shinjuku thief, sieben, sigur ros, six organs of admittance, slowdive, sol invictus, sonne hagal, sophia, sopor aeternus, sorrow, spiritual front, spk, stars of the lid, suspicion breeds confidence, swans, temple ov psychick youth, tenhornedbeast, the [law-rah] collective, the soil bleeds black, this morn' omina, this mortal coil, tho-so-aa, throbbing gristle, toroidh, tribes of neurot, troum, ulver, von thronstahl, waldteufel, wappenbund, while angels watch, william s. burroughs, wilt, z'ev, zos kia